The Tapak Ibu Crafterprenuership Programme is our call to action initiative which provides training and skills in crafting as a source of supplementary income to improve the social mobility of the low income, financially deprived and vulnerable women. We hope to guide and expose the women to a variety of crafts that could assist them to make a living while tending to their family needs at home or as additional income stream to those who are already holding a part-time or even full-time job.

The PPSEAWA’s Tapak Ibu Crafterprenuership Programme is 7-week programme designed to provide a holistic approach from goal setting right up to setting up an online sales presence. It incorporates an element of sustainability by exposing the women to alternatives sources of materials for craft, for example turning preloved T-shirts and plastic bags into yarns and cords.

During the programme, participants can expect to gain the following;
1. Foundation and understanding of different types of craft
2. Exposure and acquire skills in sewing, crocheting, knotting (macrame) and crafting in general
3. Alternative sources for craft materials - through recycling, repurposing and recreating
4. Simple budgeting and planning
5. Time management
6. Digital marketing – simple online store

Our beneficiaries for the programme are:
  • Women and girls (above 18 years old) from low income family
  • Single mum
  • Vulnerable women
additional criteria to meet:
  • Must be a holder of Singapore pink or blue NRIC
  • Monthly household per capita income of $750 or less

Contact us in case you know someone who could benefit from the programme or support us with your kind donation for us to continue to support more women out there.

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