Who are we ?
It took a group of women who got together at Hawaii in 1928 to first form the Pan Pacific and Southeast Asia Women's Association (PPSEAWA) International. Closely affiliated to the United Nations (UN), the organisation continues to promote peace through understanding and friendship in the region to this day, expanding to 18 autonomous national member chapters along the way.

It took another handful of like-minded women in Singapore to formally set up PPSEAWA Singapore (SG) and become the youngest member of the international community in 2020.

Echoing the primary goal of PPSEAWA International in nurturing peace, friendship and understanding, PPSEAWA SG aims to advance locally-based women from stagnant to flourishing and empowered level, grounded on the belief that empowered women are essential to an excellent community. The enabling of women requires a strong support from the ecosystem and community at large. We seek to inspire women’s growth through economic empowerment, leadership and befriending/mentorship.

(Featured in this October 2019 image were PPSEAWA SG's founders along with PPSEAWA Malaysia President Dato Rahmah Hamid and member Juliana)
Empowered Women, Excellent Community
Our Vision
To inspire women’s growth and leadership development
Our Mission
PPSEAWA Singapore named its first project, Tapak Ibu (or A Mother’s Footsteps in English), to recognize the sacrifices of all mothers in giving birth. These mothers whom we fondly termed as Supermoms, deserve the best of life but in reality, the environment they are in may provide an opposite condition.

When "COVID-19 Circuit Breaker" started in Singapore in April 2020, many Supermoms were affected and became more vulnerable as they or their husbands lost their jobs and did not have enough savings to tide them over this period.

Together with our partners Persatuan Kebajikan Jalan Kukoh (PKJK) and Friends of Autism Lina's Cafe, we identified and adopted a total of 14 Supermoms to-date, each with less than S$500 per capita income, all living in 1-room or 2-room HDB rental flats and have between 1 to 8 children.

PPSEAWA Singapore planned for helping hands to be extended in two phases, i.e. giving our Supermoms the Fish in Phase-1, and providing them with the guidance to Fish in Phase-2.
Tapak Ibu
Tapak Ibu: Phase-1
Phase-1 of Tapak Ibu targets at GIVING FISH to our Supermoms.

Kickstarted in May 2020 as a stop-gap and interim measure, our priority is to take care of their immediate financial needs.

With the generosity of kind donors who responded to our open calls, we disbursed the harvested FISH in the form of outright cash S$1,000 each, food meals and clothing. Just in time to bring in the Hari Raya cheer to their homes amidst the gloom of COVID-19.

Further, we helped qualifying Supermoms in applying for government support grants for COVID-19 that they were previously not aware of. All their applications had been approved, allowing each to receive scheduled cash payouts amounting to S$9,000.

Phase-2 of Tapak Ibu aims at providing guidance to our Supermoms on HOW TO FISH on their own.  

This would be executed through a series of training and befriending sessions covering money management, personal development and peer-support as well as interest-based skills empowerment programs that would run between 6 to 12 months.

Upon completion, these Supermoms will be invited to join as volunteers and peer-mentors as a way to Give-back to the community by helping other vulnerable women at large.
Tapak Ibu: Phase-2
An extension of the Tapak Ibu program, TIX was set up in response to one Supermom's call for help for a friend of hers, a non-local who was a victim of abuse and was homeless for several months until she was put up at a sheltered home.

PPSEAWA SG thus adopted our 14th Supermom in view of specific requests for assistance, i.e. transitioning to a HDB rental flat and securing a full time job. Separate donations were sourced and disbursed accordingly to assist this Supermom and her teenage school-going daughter.

Disbursed help included the sourcing with delivery of pre-loved furniture and appliances, as well as temporary living expenses to assist them in settling down in a liveable environment as our Supermom begins her income-sustaining job.

Moving forward, we will continue to assist Supermoms in building a better physical home environment as we believe this positive aura will make an impact on our Supermoms and their children psycho-socio-emotionally.
Tapak Ibu Xtra (TIX)
The Tapak Ibu Crafterprenuership Programme is our call to action initiative which provides training and skills in crafting as a source of supplementary income to improve the social mobility of the low income, financially deprived and vulnerable women. We hope to guide and expose the women to a variety of crafts that could assist them to make a living while tending to their family needs at home or as additional income stream to those who are already holding a part-time or even full-time job.

The PPSEAWA’s Tapak Ibu Crafterprenuership Programme is 7-week programme designed to provide a holistic approach from goal setting right up to setting up an online sales presence. It incorporates an element of sustainability by exposing the women to alternatives sources of materials for craft, for example turning preloved T-shirts and plastic bags into yarns and cords.

During the programme, participants can expect to gain the following;
1. Foundation and understanding of different types of craft
2. Exposure and acquire skills in sewing, crocheting, knotting (macrame) and crafting in general
3. Alternative sources for craft materials - through recycling, repurposing and recreating
4. Simple budgeting and planning
5. Time management
6. Digital marketing – simple online store

Our beneficiaries for the programme are:
  • Women and girls (above 18 years old) from low income family
  • Single mum
  • Vulnerable women
additional criteria to meet:
  • Must be a holder of Singapore pink or blue NRIC
  • Monthly household per capita income of $750 or less

Contact us in case you know someone who could benefit from the programme or support us with your kind donation for us to continue to support more women out there.

Contact us: hello@ppseawa.org
Donate Now: ​https://www.ppseawasg.org/donate​​​

PPSEAWA Singapore provides network platforms for supporting our Supermoms along their individual journey towards financial independence.

Tapak Ibu Entrepreneurship (TIE)

Brings our Supermoms together to embark and sustain their home-based businesses, with guidance on essential aspects such as marketing.

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Tapak Ibu Home Improvement (TIHI)

Enables our Supermoms in providing skilled services such as plumbing and electrical services at reasonable rates, allowing them to earn supplementary income.

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Tapak Ibu Matching (TIM)

Pairs up volunteers to our Supermoms to assist them on their specific needs, such as IT assistance and mental health assessments.

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